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Psychoanalytic Seminar Tuzla


9 February 2014

We invite the world psychoanalytic community to join us in p the brutal beating and persecution of people, who took to the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina to exercise their right to speak against poverty and injustice.

The authorities, who have profited from the trauma of war and genocide for over 20 years, keep on manipulating this trauma for their divisive political purposes. They systematically repress and deny any expression of the demands of citizens for freedom of speech.

We are aware that repressive and violent action by the authorities against people, who have not yet had space to speak about the trauma of war and genocide, may result in further physical and mental injuries.

We invite the world psychoanalytic community to support publicly our calls to end violence against people who are exercising their basic right to speak. We also invite all psychoanalysts to work with us on the prolonged trauma of and in a society where psychoanalysis is in its early days. 

Dr Damir Arsenijevic, convener of the Psychoanalytic Seminar Tuzla






CFP: Rhetorics of Power and Freedom of Thought – Voices of the ‘It’ and the ‘Over-I’

Call for papers – spring symposium in Budapest May 9th-11th 2014

Speakers include:

JULIA BOROSSA: Histories of Violence: Outrage, Identification and Being Alongside

FERENC ERÓS: Ferenc Mérei and the Politics of Psychoanalysis in Hungary

ANDRÉ HAYNAL: Listening to Fanaticism. Commentaries of a Psychoanalyst

ÁGNES HELLER The Role of Political Commitment (Weltanschauung) in Autobiographical Memory

KATHLEEN KELLEY From Totalitarian to Democratic Functioning: The Psychic Economy of Infantile Processes

MARGARITA PALACIOS: Guilt and the Politics of Knowing. A Reflection on Post War Academic Cultures

More information can be found here.

Opening Lecture of the Psychoanalitic $eminar Tuzla

Opening lecture of the Psychoanalytic $eminar Tuzla

Dissidence et (dés)institutionalisation

by Christophe Solioz (Geneva, Switzerland)

The text can be found here.

20 October 2013, Kuca plamena mira, 17:45

Intensive reading seminar with Peter Geoffrey Young (Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, San Francisco, USA)

Lacan’s Seminar V: Formations of the Unconscious

Americki kutak, Narodna biblioteka Tuzla

21 October—3 November 2013 from 12:45—16:30

Psychoanalitic $eminar Tuzla an Introduction

Psychoanalytic $eminar Tuzla establishes a setting for a discussion of psychoanalytic insights and their application to social and cultural issues as our commons.

It has its roots in the working group ‘Jokes, war and genocide’, which has been examining the unconscious of the war and the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We invite scholars, artists, and psychoanalysts to work with us on themes of common concern.

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Putting the Trace and Forensics on the Couch

Rachel Cyr:

What if we put forensics on the couch?  What unconscious fantasies would we encounter?  These are the two questions that I mainly wish to bring to the working group, with a special emphasis on the hold that the imaginary register (Lacan) has on forensic subjectivity.  Engaging the Lacanian notion of the imaginary might serve as an alternative point of departure for thinking of the forensic scientific investigations of the Srebrenica genocide.